• Invention

    Is invention something greater and better than innovation? One often hears about new things being invented and of how inventions have changed the world. Read on to find…

  • Customer Driver Innovation

    Why do lab innovations fail often when they reach customers? Why do entrepreneurs get hurt when they realize that customers are not in sync with their dream product? What can be done to …

  • Functional Thinking – A Useless Screwdriver?

    “Useless Screwdriver”? — Can a device exist without having a definite, useful function? How to think about inventions that lead to the creation…

  • Disruption and Disruptive Innovation

    This week Harsha looks at the puzzle that disruption is and how disruptive companies can both challenge and create new markets.…

  • Delivering Great Value to Customers

    “I also demonstrated how we’re delivering greater value to customers by partnering with other Digital Financial Service Providers and Fintechs’ in the Digital ecosystem…”.…

  • Significance of Effective Credit Scoring using Mobile Data

    Lenders often have little to none of the data they might traditionally use to make sound lending decisions. Similarly, problems faced by small banks and banks in emerging markets include lack of internal databases and complex data-mining tools and applications, including….

  • The Nuances of Cognitive Banking

    With the introduction of cognitive computing into the financial world, I am of the opinion that the very definition of a bank will undergo dramatic changes in meaning. Perhaps it’s time to look into the mirror, and seek new answers to this question….

  • Successful Banking on The Cloud

    In my interactions with bankers over the past few years, I have come to the awareness that financial institutions face mounting procedural and technological challenges every day. Transactional and regulatory data in the banking sector….

  • Robots & AI in Banking – Nightmare or Magical Vision?

    Your banking and consumer transactions today will not be the same in a few years, or even in a few months, as it is the interplay between consumer experience, business needs and technology capabilities that is bringing about the ongoing ….

  • Africa – The future of Banking is here

    The pace of technology is nowhere faster, than in the world of finance. And the pace of technological change in financial services is nowhere faster than ….