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Taking Digital Transformation to STATE OF THE ART with SMART BANKING.

Smart banking solution
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Techurate’s SMART OMNI provides customised, multi-segment financial services…..


Intelligent automation for banks is at the heart of SMART BRANCH to digitise customer…


SMART RECONS quickly and easily reconcile accounts by providing high-speed automated transaction ….


Techurate’s SMART BIZ provides a true Omnichannel business experience to business users….


With SMART INTEGRATION, get Open Banking that facilitates frontend integration with less..


SMART ANALYTICS takes a close look at customer spending and shopping behaviour…



Techurate’s innovative Digital Banking Solutions provide customised, multi-segment financial services across devices to deliver the best user experience in a flexible, secure and low-cost environment.

As part of the digital banking software suite, Techurate’s SMART OMNI encompasses the banking channels of Mobile, Web, USSD, Wearables, Voice and ATM/Kiosk, while extending services to include inter-account transfers, bill payments and 3rd party payments.

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect banks to match their digital needs. SMART OMNI lies at the heart of a digital ecosystem that creates enhanced customer satisfaction.

With engagement tools such as PFM (Personal Financial Management) and 360 degree views, SMART OMNI becomes the customer’s trusted financial companion, engaging at its core one of the best digital banking software solutions that are available.

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Smart banking solution

How Do We Create A Difference?

Omni channel banking software technology that takes personalised device-driven banking to new heights with the following experience channels:
Mobile: A versatile mobile app gives customers the convenience of an on-demand service on the move, with the benefit of the latest customer experience technology. With its engagement tools such as PFM and 360 degree view, Our Mobile Banking Solution will make us customer’s financial companion.

Web: Internet Banking focuses on delighting customers with an incredible user experience, quick payments and simplified, hassle-free services within a secure environment.

USSD: Allows Banks’ customers to perform enquiries and transactions on their accounts using SMS in a secure environment.

Wearables: Bank customers can perform banking on their wearable devices like the smart watch, providing an altogether new level of experience.

Voice: Smart hands-free banking is the quickest and most convenient way to bank, from account balance to money movement to marketing outreach.

ATM/Kiosk: Through ATM Banking channel, using the latest ATM banking software, banks can extend their ATM networks’ normal card-oriented services to include a wide set of other banking services such as inter account transfers, bill payments, mobile top ups, as well as 3rd party payments.

Modular Architecture

Built on a Web-based front-end, it incorporates the functionality of smart and paperless banking workflow solutions software. The solutions engine enables back-office and front-office automation and digital onboarding. n-tier Modular Architecture, Open Banking Protocols, Quick Implementation and Auto Upgrades, omnichannel banking includes Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Social Media Banking and Agency Banking. Devices supported use secure HTTPS and connect with a graphical user interface on top of a omni user interface layer and a GUI manager. The service layer includes a ZUUL API Gateway, Eureka Service Registry, Spring Boot Micro Services and Security.

Integration & Extensibility

Among the best paperless banking software solutions, Smart Omni connects to core banking and other systems seamlessly. Techurate’s cutting edge API Manager solution provides Micro-Services Architecture; Structured Sharing of Large Datasets; Low Latency Support; Data Access Auditing; Componentized Services. The Data Persistent Layer and the API Manager speak to your bank’s channels of Core Banking and external Third Party Apps. These technologies allow omnichannel banking software products to cover the gamut of banking services like fund transfers, bill payments, deposits and loans, card transactions, personal finance management, and value-added services.

Security Features

Provides multi-factor authorisation and validation. The security layer features include: Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection; Shellshock; Broken Authentication; Encrypted Storage of Data; Zuul Architecture.

Smart banking solution

SMART branch


Intelligent banking automation software solutions at the heart of SMART BRANCH digitise customer interactions ranging from onboarding, to deposits and withdrawals.

SMART BRANCH has a secure and structured paperless document system that works in conjunction with the Smart Operations, Smart Teller and Smart Assistant modules to support and enable efficient business process management. Easy to create parameter-based routing rules without any programming, custom forms for new tasks, and quickly set automatic or manual routing.

Green banking using SMART BRANCH has a smart integration system developed on robust and well-known Enterprise Integration patterns. Enables lightweight messaging within applications. Supports integration with external systems via declarative adapters. It provides a higher-level of abstraction over normal API Manager support for remoting, messaging and scheduling.

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Smart banking solution

Workflow Manager

Achieve complete banking product automation and manage complex service processes, integrating customer flow optimization and back-office automation. A digital dashboard connects the API Manager with external systems like Core Banking, Channel Banking and 3rd party systems. Features included are document management, case management, eKYC, administration, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Form Builder.

Smart Teller

Automate all your back office operations. Achieve complete banking finance automation and replace paper based manual process like customer registration. The built-in OCR reader eliminates keying of customer details from proofs and forms into the system. Enjoy features such as settlements & clearing (cheque clearance, ECS/SI, transaction settlements), electronic fund transfer (EFT – capture, processing, SWIFT, DDAC processing), product management (create, manage, third party products), forex/treasury (sale, purchase, rate update, treasury bills, treasury bonds, forex contracts), trade finance (issue, amendment and closure of LC/Guarantee) and reconciliation.

Smart Operations

Automate Teller Operations with a 360 degree view of your customers. Smart Teller minimizes direct access to the Core Banking functionality. Deploying image-capture functionality to eliminate manual proofing and encoding, the system minimizes exceptions and errors while greatly reducing cost to quality and risk. With a simple and effective UI, Smart Teller is the key to banking product automation on your path to complete digital transformation. Features include: onboarding, fund transfers, cash and cheque deposits, withdrawals, enquiries and requests, foreign exchange transactions (sale, purchase and FX rates), remittances, utility bill payments and mobile recharges and top-ups, till operations (till balance enquiry, transfer vault to till, till to vault, reconciliation, reversal of non-cash transactions and till open enquiry and till close enquiry), bankers cheques, demand drafts and loans. Sub-module functionalities include capture biometrics, capture signature, intra and inter bank transfers, international transfers, cheque readers for self and other accounts, cash withdrawal through EVM, enquiries and requests (view account balance, cheque book request, stop cheque, create standing instruction, block card),

Smart Assistant

Queue management banking software redefined in a smart way. Provides ticket management system, tools to promptly and seamlessly resolve user requests and technical issues. Enables the automation of repetitive processes and all in all, it helps your bank create exceptional and valuable customer relationships. Valuable features include a detailed dashboard, incident management, service requests and audit trail functionality. All these and more make Smart Assistant one of the best banking automation software solutions you can find in the market.

Smart banking solution

SMART recons


SMART RECONS helps Banks & Financial Institutions automate reconciliation across delivery channels, reduce operational costs and manage risks.

Using finance product automation, it simplifies the complexity of reconciling transactions between various files such as Switch, Host, ATM, GL Reports, Loan Reports, Interest Accounts and Nostro Accounts. Also, it improves operational efficiency and reduces cycle times.

SMART RECONS quickly and easily reconciles accounts by providing high-speed automated transaction management. Customized matching rules help free the staff from time-consuming tasks, and unmatched records can be easily matched through an automated process.

SMART RECONS combine the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with character recognition and screen reading to ensure zero manual intervention.

Rule based reconciliation, and a customised process for unstructured data, job schedules with customisable frequency, back office and front office synchronisation make SMART RECONS one of the best finance software solutions available in the market.

Intra-Bank accounts and systems supported include cash, suspense, forex, balance sheet, GLs, ACH, salary, custodian, inter-branch, receivables, bridge GLs and clearing. Inter-Bank accounts and systems supported include SWIFT, POS, Nostro, VISA, MasterCard, RTGS, MoneyGram, Utilities, ACH, Agents and ATMs. Techurate can also create custom adapters basis unique needs.

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Smart banking solution

Robotic Process Automation

Identifies statements by crawling through data and inbox items and extracting information for reconciliation. Data from hard documents in branches can be fed into the system without manual intervention and can be reconciled. Allows deployment of heavy loads on multiple match servers. Automated scheduling of reconciliation and customised processes for unstructured data include fuzzy matching and form reading with the help of OCR. Realtime origination, processing and servicing provide immediate results.

Fraud Detection

With anomaly detection and dual authentication at the heart of Techurate’s finance product automation, card and transaction data can be analysed for abnormal behaviour and sceptical transactions identified. Audit trail of each case throughout the lifecycle is maintained. Patterns can be identified in GL Balances and any variations altered to the concerned teams. Eliminates unwanted manual intervention and facilitates streamlining of processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Data is reconciled on a daily basis and defaults predicted using state of the art machine learning algorithms. AI validates incoming data prior to processing. Customized dashboards offer visualisation and analysis to monitor risks. Loan data can be reconciled on a daily basis and potential defaulters predicted using state of the art machine learning. AI will be applied in the case of semi-structured/unstructured information to help in the proper classification of data. Reliable and precise methodology ensures the technology is anytime/anywhere/always there.

Key Benefits

Benefits of SMART RECONS’ finance software technology include quick reconciliation with no dependencies, low cost of ownership, rapid deployment, a superior and consistent user experience, a scalable support model, operational efficiency, responsive design, reduced cycle times, deep domain expertise and support and risk mitigation. What makes Techurate’s reconciliation solution different are optimum utilization of cash, effective management of receivables and payables, accurate financial statements, complex mappings and transformations, back-office and front-office synchronization and a highly intuitive design.

Smart banking solution



Banks need to go beyond conventional banking to meet the rapidly changing demands of customers

Techurate’s SMART BIZ provides a true omnichannel business experience to business users. A revolutionary merchant module within Techurate’s Smart Banking suite, SMART BIZ empowers a bank’s customers to exhibit and sell their goods and services.

Employing an integrated mobile wallet banking solution, it allows community users to buy or sell products and also avail of or deliver a variety of services. Any customer who registers for your bank’s digital banking can become part of this community commerce platform.

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Smart banking solution

How Does SMART BIZ work?

SMART BIZ provides a true omnichannel experience to small business and individual users. It creates a digital wallet banking software ecosystem for your customers to showcase their goods and services on your bank’s digital platform. Integrated with your bank’s digital banking application, customers execute transactions, using your payment gateway. The bank provides its users with a platform (mainly an app) and access to its user base where they register, showcase and buy and sell their products.

Digital Disruption

Gain an edge over competition by providing an omnichannel platform access to your customers’ products and services. An open banking innovation, the bank helps its customers to scale their business by providing an omnichannel platform to display and sell their products. Your bank can even think of including additional packages and services like Accounting, HR and Payroll on its platform to manage operations better. Bank can offer personalized offers & services too for its customers based on the user buying patterns. As more and more users start using these services, banks become the owners of the huge data generated on the platform.

New Income Opportunities

Transaction revenue increases as the activities of buying and selling have to be routed through your bank’s payment facilities. Payments are made using the accounts held in the bank. It helps users grow their business by maximising a bank’s existing customer base and thereby contributing to bank’s own growth. In turn, the user has to pay marketplace fees to the bank for gaining entry to the digital community platform. Using the latest digital payment software, with the data available on the platform, banks can do targeted selling and also mitigate risks on lending. This will be the new growth path for banks and exponentially increase revenue and profitability.

Advantage to Customers

Omnichannel presence, brand loyalty and all-round transparency. Individuals can buy products displayed by the sellers on their Mobile Banking application on the go, without sharing their account details as is the case of third party e-portals. Provides a unique experience to customers as the bank empowers them to buy products at discounted prices. The bank boasts KYC enabled buyers and sellers, and no re-KYC is to be done Lending is easy as there is transparency in the entire revenue generated on the platform by a particular seller. Omnichannel presence for the seller. As your bank is a trusted brand and the seller can leverage the existing base of the bank to sell his products. The application thus doubles up as a digital wallet banking software for transaction payments.

Smart banking solution



With SMART INTEGRATION, get Open Banking that facilitates frontend integration with less technical effort. Techurate’s expertise in cloud banking products facilitate secure, integrated, open banking.

Securely open up your Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for third parties to develop new apps.

APIs provide access to, and information about, back-end business processes. APIs become very crucial as the number of interfaces in an organisation become substantial.

Techurate’s API Manager gives an organization the guarantee that both the public and internal APIs they create are consumable and provide secure access to financial information.

It involves a process of designing, publishing, documenting and analysing APIs in a secure environment.

Techurate facilitates the creation of APIs that expose the functionality of backend systems and services. These APIs are published for use by application developers and they are dynamically managed and monitored at runtime.

Highlights of Techurate’s API Manager Cloud Banking Technology include API Creation with no coding, masking of secured data, export and import of APIs, sandboxing, audit log, multi-version support, dynamic configuration support, on-the-fly deployment, interactive dashboards, in-memory DB for caching.

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Smart banking solution

Achieve Complete Enterprise Integration

Techurate can deliver a configurable and comprehensive enterprise integration. Any point connectors provide quick connectivity to an endpoint or dynamic connectivity to API specifications. A design centre interface offers low-friction development tools that make it easy to design APIs, compose integration flows and build connectors. Built on the best cloud banking technology, Techurate’s Open Banking sandbox is purpose-built for rapid experimentation by Banks and Third-Party Providers, and fully compliant with Open Banking regulations. Techurate also provides API strategy support as a part of a more holistic innovation strategy which includes open innovation, open banking, FinTech integration and microservices.

Streamline All Systems

Design, build and manage integrations across legacy applications, migrate to cloud with easy to access cloud banking solutions and integrate with third party aggregators. The runtime engine of Techurate’s API Manager combines real-time application integration and orchestration with robust data integration capabilities. It support banks globally to expose their Core Banking systems and connect all channels digitally i.e. for providing services like online banking via REST APIs for TPPs. Techurate’s Open Banking APIs expose traditional banking systems via middleware that supports using external services in the bank’s systems on the one hand and providing services for digital partners on the other hand.

One Management Center

Techurate’s cloud banking technology provides a single unified interface that allows users to administer all aspects of API Manager on-premises and in the cloud. Manage API users, traffic, SLAs, underlying integration flows and more. Adapters provide a higher level of abstraction at multiple layers: The Service/Business Layer where the business logic resides and where for each request a unique service is configured dynamically and started automatically. The Service Discovery Layer identifies the service system to be invoked. The Authentication Layer takes care of user authentication requests. The Audit Layer records all details of request received or responded to by the server. Channel adapters in the Channel Layer are used to receive and send/receive responses.

Enterprise-grade Security

Every API, integration and asset is protected by increased governance and security. The suite helps deliver enterprise-grade security, scalability, reliability and high availability, over the entire gamut of pre-built services which include transfers, view services, bill payments, utility services, file uploads and admin functionalities. Our out-of-the-box software includes all security features from consent to reports offering a scalable, reusable data integration for partners.

Smart banking solution

SMART analytics


SMART ANALYTICS takes a close look at customer spending and shopping behaviour. It mines information from services the customer is already using or receiving, while properly accounting for customer credit score & credit history.

Techurate’s SMART ANALYTICS uses comprehensive data visualization and dashboarding capabilities that make sense of the information to bank managers and branch users.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, identify, capture, blend and analyse mammoth amounts of data available.

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Smart banking solution

Profit from Customer Segmentation

Segment, target, acquire customers. Manage risk and fraud and grow a more profitable customer base.

The Power of Prediction

With predictive analytics, open effective revenue streams by cross-selling or up-selling financial products or services.

Drill Deep into Big Data

With Smart Analytics, banks can understand customers’ usage habits, spending patterns and digital media preferences.

Build Value and Insight

Extract actionable, intelligent insights and gain insights to make quantifiable predictions.

Smart banking solution


SMART CORE is an ultra-contemporary Core Banking digital platform that empowers banks to rapidly maximize the value of their customer relationships in a robust technology driven, flexible, secure and low-cost environment.

SMART CORE is a simple “Bank in a Box” solution with the following capabilities:

  • Core Banking Solution
  • Configurable application
  • Customer Management
  • Accounting Engine
  • Productized modules
  • User friendly, standard, easy screens

It encompasses a web-based accounting management software with legacy-free highly configurable functionality, complete regulatory compliance for KYC, Credit Bureau, TDS, GST, and an agile digital experience for staff & customers. Complete flexibility for personalised products to suit every need, a continuously upgradable solution, continued new feature releases, and continued support for new schemes & services.

Customers get instant access to account information with flexibility to carry out financial & non-financial transactions 24 hours a day from anywhere in a highly secure environment. Internet access & transaction capability to multiple products and services – Current & Savings Accounts, Loans, Time Deposits, Mutual Funds and Securities etc. An Integrated Relationship Level view to transact from a single access point. Monitor accounts through e-mail and SMS alerts that are triggered by a customer-managed set of events.

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Smart banking solution

Advantages of SMART CORE

• Database Options: The user can select the database they want. The solution supports all major RDBMS like Oracle, MS SOL etc.

• Modular Structure: The system is developed in different modules and can be integrated into a single package resulting in ease of use and maintenance.

• Single Window Operation: The state-of-art design of screens allow easy operation of all modules in the software.

• User Friendliness: The system is developed in Graphical User Interface (GUI) under the concept of single window operation. Knocking Alerts along with security features and validations will reduce the job of user and guide through proper operation styles which makes the software powerful and attractive.

• High-end Security: For database as well as for operations. High level encryption standards for passwords. Process log, Menu rights assignment facility provides personalization in the system. Histories of all operations are available.

• Parameterisation: Maximum parameterisation is provided so that the end user need not depend on the software vendor for creating new schemes, masters which are used frequently etc. Parameterisation is even applicable for print options.

Smart banking solution