Our Repertoire


Our Repertoire


“Honestly speaking! we are building your next business, just like our clients”

Integrated Offering Bank in a box

Out platform is a single box solution to a greenfield or a commercial Bank/ FI.

Unbelievably Smart & secure

A Full stack Digital Menu or cherry picked Ala Carte option. We have it all.

Open Banking Architecture

Use our API Gateway to connect to payment & Billing aggregators, utility providers


Monetize your customer base with our vibrant e-commerce community platform

Curated Product modules seamlessly woven into the Digital Stack

Smart Omni

A Seamless banking experience

The discerning customer consumes Digital channels in more than one way today. Our customer Banks have leveraged Techurate’s Omnipotent applications delivering banking experience across a variety of channels, truly Omnipresent in offering this flexibility to our customers.

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Smart Branch

The age of Virtual Banking is upon us!

We pioneered the earliest Smart Branch Deployments in Africa. It blends in compelling benefits of seamless Automation while bringing in significant reduction in Operational costs. Smart Self Serve Terminals enabling banks to serve customers faster and better. It is an intelligent Automation system which allows customers to self onboard themselves and carry out transactions like deposits , withdrawals etc. The In-branch smart terminal fastens the Teller operations improving the banking experience .Enables a smart token system which reduces customer wait time majorly at the Branch. What better than this to serve your esteemed customers than giving them a ZERO WAIT banking experience.

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Smart Integration

Your Gateway to integrate with the world of DFS providers

We propagate Open Banking via our API Manager module. The easiest and the most secure way for banks to connect to 3rd party consumer applications.

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Smart Recons

A Seamless banking experience

Techurate’s Smart Recons helps Banks & Financial Institutions automate reconciliation across delivery channels, reduce operational cost and manage risks. It uses a RPA engine to automate the process bringing in scalability and accuracy.

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Smart Biz

Exponentially increase revenue with Community Commerce

Smart Biz provides a true Omnichannel business experience to business users. A revolutionary merchant module within Techurate's Smart Banking suite, Smart Biz empowers a bank's customers to exhibit and sell their goods and services.

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Our integrated services


We are aggressively expanding with multi pronged Business and Product Services

News and Blogs

We have cherry picked a few success stories to share with you. Our solutions have delivered sustained customer value and have a proven track record.

Most Recent

Techurate brings remote banking services live

For the last six years, Techurate has been working with financial institutions in Africa to provide them with digital banking infrastructure. The Bengaluru-headquartered banking digital banking technology startup was founded by Harshavardhan Pusala in 2015 with a focus on the African market where it provides an array of solutions with the larger goal of enabling… Continue reading Techurate brings remote banking services live

Customers are the pivot: Fintech shaping the new-age banking

The seamless integration of financial services into a traditionally non-financial service is known as embedded banking, also known as embedded finance. Customers can, for example, use a cab to make cashless payments. Embedded Finance Infrastructure allows customer-facing digital platforms (known as “anchor platforms”) to “embed” financial services into their own systems. Businesses in the MSME,… Continue reading Customers are the pivot: Fintech shaping the new-age banking

Bank in a Box the Indian Scenario

Memories of writing a cheque, going to the bank, collecting a token and waiting for your number to be called out to get your money has long faded. Some of us may have never experienced this. You then had to take that money and shop for your daily needs. All this can now be done… Continue reading Bank in a Box the Indian Scenario

How Embedded Banking Will Change Banking

The turn of the century saw a proliferation of organizations offering a multi-cuisine menu of banking and other financial services. Large banks, consolidation of PSU banks, small banks & Fintech companies are severely competing with each other to provide best in class services to consumers across the country. These companies are offering more than just… Continue reading How Embedded Banking Will Change Banking

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