Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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Our Customer

 Our customers worldwide have been constantly pushing us to deliver excellence. In 4 continents, be it Urban or Rural , they have been our driving force to innovate and Deliver

Our Product

Tigiverse , our product platform has evolved over the past 7 years . It has been effectively helping expanding the digital footprint for banks and FIs.

Our services

We serve with a Fanatic Zeal. We engage our customers both on remote and mission critical support .

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"A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work"

Techurate’s Journey begins with Oracle Partnership . Core banking services play with banks in Central Africa . This provides the much needed entry point with medium and large commercial banks in the region.

Digital banking systems were evolving and banks around the world were experiencing the first wave of Digital Transformation of processes with customer journey being the center point.

Emerges as a full suite Digital banking solutions provider with a strong focus on creating a modular , scalable , open banking Archirtecture. Solutions highly customized to the local market conditions.

Pandemic Year accelerates the Digital adoption rates for banks in the region and Techurate leverages its prime mover position to expand the customer acquisition in other parts of Africa and Middlle East.

Positions itself as a fully Integrated service provider with the most diversified Core + Digital product platform. Embarks on a hybrid model of On premise licensing route and the cloud based subscription methods of service delivery . Positioned as the prime choice for all the mid and lower tier banks, microfinance & Payments banks worldwide.


Srinivasan Krishnamachary

Strategic Advisor
Computer TechEngineer with a Management Degree in Business .Specialised in BFSI with Local, Regional and Global Leadership roles in Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan...

News and blogs

We have cherry-picked a few success stories to share with you. Our solutions have delivered sustained customer value and have a proven track record.


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