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Posted on 7th february 2022

In cognitive science, the transfer of information and meaning from one subject to another in order to exemplify the similarities and significance is called an analogy. Using the concept of analogy, we bring to you the evolution of our company, Techurate, retold through a humble tale of the bamboo plant.

The early years of growing strong roots:

Bamboo plants create all the roots they need to grow up on, when they’re still little organisms.

Simply put, a bamboo’s root is full of potential. It looks small when you first see it, but when you gaze at it intently, it’s surprising how long, strong and far it can grow.


Likewise, in the beginning came the seed of an idea. The inventors, the thinkers, the tinkerers – they got together in a lab, away from public gaze – soliciting requirements, conferring in huddles, sketching out their prototypes, seeking new and fresh challenges.
Like bamboo roots that are buried in the soil for years, Techurate’s core team of visionaries were burying underground, putting in all the hard work – the thought, the processes, the tiny but important details.

Like bamboo roots that are buried in the soil for years, Techurate’s core team of visionaries were burying underground, putting in all the hard work – the thought, the processes, the tiny but important details.

More than just building a product, they were building a store of expertise, a team of professionals keen to contribute their mite and their might to the world of banking and technology.

Blueprints were poured over, testbeds built, and inputs arranged for a fine working product created through rounds of hard labour, in exacting trials and tribulations. Techurate was building Roots – the roots that Banking Software Solutions need

Techurate was building Expertise – the platform for Revolutionary Banking.

Techurate was building a Global Brand – that would disrupt the World of Banking.

Techurate was acquiring Customers – banks who would benefit from the latest Banking Technology Software Solutions and spread their wings and grow.

All the groundwork came with an assurance of integrity, quality and security that every bank expects and gets in an innovative banking product.

The sudden break-through of the sapling:

After years of fervent activity underground, bamboo saplings break through the soil and rapidly start pushing up stems.


few years down the line, at Techurate too, the big break came.

Techurate had swiftly grown into a Digital Banking Software Technology company offering Core Banking Software to banks across the globe, with a well-balanced blend of technology skills, strong domain knowledge, several years of industry experience coupled with a passion for IT.

An invention turned to an innovation. And Techurate’s Digital Banking Solutions had arrived with a bang!

One customer, then two and then several, were convinced about the strong business case presented by Techurate’s Digital Banking Software products.

Using Techurate’s systems and solutions, our esteemed customers evolved into global banks with an impressive network of branches, employed hundreds of staff and gained hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Techurate emerged from the underground to excitement and awe in the financial world.

Just like a bamboo plant pushing its way upward, sprouting stems, leaves, nodes, turning into a luxuriant bamboo tree!

Techurate has by now already served 25+ Banks and Financial Institutions, across 20+ geographies. Techurate is now an accredited ORACLE Gold Partner with expertise in handling Oracle Flexcube and recognised as a Core Banking Software Company in its own right. Over 300+ man years of combined experience help Techurate deliver cost-effective solutions with quick development cycle and superior customer engagement.


Smart Banking is Techurate. Techurate is Smart Banking.

The terrain is different, and Techurate is in a completely different league now. The talk is exciting, the dialogue rewarding: “Techurate has transformed the world of banking.” “Smart is the backbone of business, and the fuel to drive every bank’s strategy.” “The core of industry and economy lies in Smart Banking.”

At the completion of five years, Techurate stands poised for the global release of Smart Banking. Smart customers are getting ready to use thousands of Smart Banking devices. Techurate is on everyone’s lips, and a huge network of Smart Banks are ready to crisscross the cities.

Techurate’s Smart Banking innovations include well-designed apps for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Social Banking and Wearables – the entire gamut of Digital Banking Solutions.

Smart Banking is the fuel that drives Omni, Branch, Recons, Biz, Integration, Analytics. We invite you to experience these wonderful flavours on the Know Smart page.Techurate’s Smart Banking systems tap into the cutting-edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

On the business side of things, precision, profitability and efficiency are the key USPs of Techurate’s wonderful Smart Banking systems and solutions.And why? Because like the qualities of the bamboo, Smart Banking

Has Resilience

The bamboo tree can withstand any challenges. It is robust in its construction. It can grow under any conditions.Smart Banking too is the product of years of architecting, sculpting and fine tuning of the product – tempered by real challenges faced by banks and customers.

Is Scalable

Bamboo grows up to 40 metres in height with thousands of fine branches and a large outgrowth of leaves.Smart Banking products can be plugged-in at any level of business complexity and growth. From fledgling start-ups to highly mature enterprises involving millions of transactions and customers.

Provides Cover

The canopy of leaves and branches is so huge, the bamboo can provide sustenance to everyone who comes to it seeking refuge.With Smart Banking, the possibilities are endless. Gigantic numbers of transactions, businesses and customers can be brought within the fold of Smart Banking.

Gives Good Grip

Bamboo: The roots have a tremendous grip on the soil. Bamboo is at the heart of the ecosystem of the existing land.The core of modern industry and economy lies in robust banking companies. The success of banking in the 21st century depends on technologically evolved banking systems like Smart Banking.

Affords Diversity

The bamboo plant has diverse economic uses. Multiple industries make use of bamboo.Modularity in Smart Banking allows multiple permutations and customizations. Diversity of customers, styles of banking, regulatory environments and business practices are welcomed for Smart Banking implementations.