Harsha Pusala

Founder and Managing Director Harshavardhan (Harsha), as the Founder and Managing Director of Techurate Systems Pvt. Ltd., has been successful in transforming Techurate into a cutting-edge Smart Banking technology company.

An engineering graduate with over 15 years of experience, Harsha has handled numerous roles during his stint with previous companies.

He loves trekking and playing chess. Being “Smart” to Harsha is looking at challenges in a simpler way. His mantra in life is – “Involve and do, the universe will support you.”

KL Mohan Kumar

Director – Strategy KL Mohan Kumar is a Banker turned Techno-Functional IT veteran. He has deep proficiency in Banking domain, Product Engineering, Business Strategy and Leadership development.

He had a long stint in Finacle Business Unit of Infosys where he played multiple roles in Product Development, Quality Assurance, Business Consulting and Client Engagement.

Outside of his professional life he is passionate about Vedic Sciences, Classical Music and Literature. According to him “Smart” is small and meaningful transformations that solves real problems and make lives easier for the end users. His Mantra is “Keep it Simple.”


Co-founder and Executive Director Ramya is the co-founder of Techurate where she heads Finance and Quality Management.

She is a Cost Accountant with an MBA in Finance and a Diploma in IFRS (UK). She has worked in banks and Big4 audit firms previously.

Ramya is fanatical about music and yoga. Her idea of “Smart” involves thinking different and adopting the road less travelled. Her mantra in life is “instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

Mohan Kumar

Chief Technology and Performance Engineering Mohan runs a team that undertakes solution architecture and development of technology solutions.

With a Master’s in Computer Science, Mohan has 15 years of experience in the Information Technology industry.

In his leisure time, Mohan enjoys reading and playing cricket, badminton and carrom. “Smart” to him means “Accept, Adopt, and Respond to Change – Winning Together” and his mantra in life is to “be simple, polite and value the relationship.”

Jaganath Puttanarasappa

Director – Operations Jaganath (Jagan) is a senior banker whose deep domain expertise helps in handling Operations effectively at Techurate.

He has a degree in Science and is a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers with over 30 years of experience.

In his free time he enjoys reading, hiking and is a music lover. Being smart to Jagan is the idea that “finding solutions to problems is the least of the achievements, while finding the ‘best solution’ is what really matters.” His mantra in life is – there is no end to learning. Life is a journey with a lot of new things and excitements. So be patient and humble in order to learn new things.

Sandeep Kumar Poloju

Chief Solution Architect Sandeep architects the Digital Solutions of Techurate. Being an Engineering graduate, Sandeep is an allrounder with over ten years of experience.He loves Cooking and enjoys long drives during his free time. According to him “Smart” is to innovate things than inherit. His Mantra is “When you are in race, be a racer.”

Alibili Sivanagaraju

Director Business Applications Sivanagaraju (Siva) heads the applications wing of Techurate. Siva has rich knowledge in Flexcube and application development. He is also an Engineering graduate, with over 15 years of experience.

Apart from designing the computer applications, he is passionate in designing the workspaces. According to him “Smart” is “Don’t be the same, be better”. His Mantra is “Success depends on the Second Letter.”

Kurian Jacob

Director – Business Development & Partnership Kurian Jacob (KJ) is experienced in global business strategy and forecasting, business development, building strategic partnerships. KJ has deep subject matter expertise in the banking domain and technology space with over 20 years in business development.

KJ has an MBA in Marketing & Finance. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and exploring the world and its mysteries. His idea of “Smart” is being curious and learning like a child to evolve a better version of the present. His mantra in life is “All for One, and One for All.”

Chamundeswari M

Manager – Human Resources Chamundeswari runs HR management and operations of Techurate.She has an MSc from Andhra University and a PGDBM in Human Resource Management from NMIMS.

In her leisure time, Chamundeswari enjoys reading autobiographies and books on culture. She is passionate about learning and getting better by the day.

Her idea of “Smart” involves being confident and working effectively with people with a special focus on time management. Her mantra in life is “be the change you want to see in others.”

Adil Hasan

Director – Marketing Communications. Adil heads Marketing and Public Relations of Techurate.

Having worked in the banking and software industry for nearly 20 years, he has strong business analysis and functional expertise. Adil comes from a humanities educational background with a Master’s degree in Philosophy.

In his free time, he enjoys music, art and reading. According to him, “Smart” lies at the heart of innovation. It means being fast, intuitive and empathetic. His mantra for success is: Imagination and Smart Work.