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Techurate’s Smart Recons helps Banks & Financial Institutions automate reconciliation across delivery channels, reduce operational cost and manage risks. It uses a RPA engine to automate the process bringing in scalability and accuracy

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Experience the power of Smart Recons

SMART RECONS solution combines the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) along with the ability of character recognition and screen reading to ensure zero manual intervention.

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Address the realtime challenges of banks

Smart Recons quickly and easily reconciles your accounts by providing high-speed automated transaction management.

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    Robotic Process Automation

    Identifies statements by crawling into inbox and extracts the information for reconciliation.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Data will be reconciled on a daily basis and defaulters will be predicted using state of the art machine learning.

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    Fraud Detection

    With anomaly detection, card and transaction data can be analysed for any abnormal behaviour and sceptical transactions will be identified.

Extended Feature

Quick Implementation

Leverage Rest APIs to bring new capabilities to market fast. Microservices and Cloud-Native are designed to offer high scalability and agile deployments.

Flexible admin module

A single admin module for multiple applications allows the definition of new roles, groups, rights and even signature rules that ensure ease of access.

DIY Customisation

Our Smart Banking applications enable a bank to customize the look and feel of the screens themselves.

Componentized Architecture

Connect your digital banking system to other fintech providers and start developing together with third-party applications.

Play Pit Environment

A play pit environment is provided for you to creatively test the product and customize it before the actual deployment.

Open Banking Innovation

Enables banks to take a flexible approach to transformation, just pick what you need most.

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Smart Recons

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