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What Do We Know and How Do We Do It?

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Financial Institutions Today

31% of people have stated they prefer to bank with giant tech firms like Amazon, Facebook or Google, if they offered financial services.

Observing Shifting Mindsets in Modern Banking

A lot of banks are product pushers, when they should be customer engagers and think beyond conventional banking. They should push themselves to service even a non-customer anywhere, anytime.

Answering the Question: Physical, Digital or Both?

Financial institutions are changing the way that they do business. Brick and mortar locations are still important, but financial institutions must also create digital workplaces that resonate with all the variations of the customer.

Navigating System Upgrades

A challenge across vertical segments includes technology that is not adaptable or cannot be quickly integrated with the latest innovations coming into the market.

The message in all this is just this – if banks do not adapt to the latest technology they may lose customers to non-banking but technologically advanced competitors.

Techurate’s Neo Digital Banking Platform enables financial institutions to replace their disparate systems into one digital platform.

It accelerates their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world.

Techurate are a Digital Products Driven Company, with specialist expertise in Multi-Channel Banking Solutions, Software Application Development, Business Intelligence Reporting and DataMart Solutions.

Conclusion: We don’t just have ‘customers’ anymore; we have people engaged in the community who want to use different services unified on one platform.

Because @Techurate We Know What Customers Want

Personalised Banking

Nearly every customer wants relevant advice and product information at their fingertips from their bank as they go about their daily lives. For example, best mortgage deals, the latest info on cars, vehicle insurance, and personal finance advice.

A New Route To Trust

Data security is only one important pillar of trust, with customers also saying responsive customer service and brand integrity—as well as related elements such as conveniently located branches— are key to ensuring their loyalty.

A True Omni-Channel Model

True omni-channel banking still seems an aspiration, as customers are indicating that coordination across channels is deteriorating rather than improving.

Benefits of Data Sharing

A significant majority of users will grant banks access to more personal data, but want more tailored advice, like priority services, expedited loan approvals, monetary benefits, competitive pricing, in return for the information they share.

Banking Thru Social Media

Out of the 7.67 billion global population, 45% are active users on Social Media platforms. It is imperative that banks start integrating their core systems on social media platforms to capture Gen Y customers.

Convenience and Speed

A high percentage of banking customers say they are willing to receive automated support for speed and convenience and this is cited as the main reason consumers will turn to innovative ways of banking.


Customer expectations and trends create great new opportunities for banks.

Because @Techurate, we leverage Technology to usher in New Age Banking

We Let The Customer Choose

We help banks incorporate tools into their Mobile & Internet Banking that put more power into customers’ hands. For example, customers can choose the limits and transactions they want to perform in the banking app.

Provide Services To Non-Banking Customers

Banks need to adopt processes to provide banking services to their non-banking customers by being Omni Present.

Get API Enabled

Banks will need to think about products or services delivered through application program interfaces (APIs) that can be accessed and sold outside of the bank’s boundaries.

Tailor Branches To Add Value

The branch is still an important part of the banking experience for many consumers, but its role need not be the same for all customer groups. Agency Banking / Automated Transaction Systems can help providing the basic banking services who don’t afford digital banking.

Play The Data Game

Banks should have access to more customer data for a 360-degree view of the customer to offer more faster, easier services, and for cross selling. 


Techurate enables and empowers Banks to keep up with the latest advancements in banking and technology in a holistic and capable way.