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Looking for a model to address enterprise integration requests? Something which is configurable and scalable? A solution that handles all your custom requirements?

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Smart Banking Integration
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  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration


With Techurate’s SMART INTEGRATION, get lightweight messaging and external system integration.

Organisations get the guarantee that both the public and the internal APIs they create are consumable and provide secure access to financial information.







  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration
  • Smart Banking Integration


A revolution in banking with Techurate’s OPEN API capabilities.

Leverage your existing systems and expose them to new applications using the communication and transformation capabilities of SMART INTEGRATION.
  • Channel Layer

    Channel Adapters are used to receive and send responses. Multiple channels are supported.

  • Audit Layer

    Takes care of auditing information. All the details of requests received or responded are recorded.

  • Authentication Layer

    The heart of request authentication. Only users with permission for the content are allowed.

  • Service/Business Layer

    For each request, a unique service is configured and created dynamically.



Smart Banking Integration

Componentized Architecture

Connect your digital banking system to other fintech providers and start developing together with third-party applications.

Smart Banking Integration

Open Banking Innovation

Enables banks to take a flexible approach to transformation, just pick what you need most.

Smart Banking Integration

Quick Implementation

Leverage Rest APIs to bring new capabilities to market fast. Microservices and Cloud-Native are designed to offer high scalability and agile deployments.

Smart Banking Integration


Security is embedded in the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Smart Banking Integration

Flexible Admin Module

A single admin module for multiple applications allows the definition of new roles, groups, rights and even signature rules that ensure ease of access.

Smart Banking Integration

DIY Customization

Our Smart Banking applications enable a bank to customize the look and feel of the screens themselves.

Smart Banking Integration

Auto Upgrades

We provide one free auto upgrade or our applications to enhance your efficiency in a calendar year.

Smart Banking Integration

Play Pit Environment

A play pit environment is provided for you to creatively test the product and customize it before the actual deployment.

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