EXIM Bank Uganda – Implementation of Digital (Internet & Mobile) Banking

The goal was to give a plethora of services as part of a new, fresh and delightful digital banking experience to EXIM Bank, Uganda customers.

As the banking world is being transformed from a world of branches to digital financial experiences, with new partnerships, new forms of commerce and even new currencies, banks have come to realise that digital banking is not here to stay, but critical to the survival of the retail bank as we know it.

The way froward is for banks to adapt to digital by taking a customer-led and revenue-led approach to reform and innovation. The key problem for retail banking right now is that they don’t capture revenue effectively through mobile, web, tablet and other channels like most other industries.

Exim Bank wanted Techurate to implement the following modules under the Digital Internet & Mobile Banking Phase 2:

  • Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
  • National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
  • Uganda Electricity Distribution Authority (UMEME)
  • Water Authority
  • Mobile Money Bulk Upload
  • MTN and Airtel Mobile Money Transfer
  • Receipts
  • ETF Salary Upload
  • Prepaid Card

With the mandate given to Techurate, Exim Bank Uganda was looking for innovation in three important areas:

  1. Improving operations: by making services available for mass banking – cheaper and more efficient.
  2. Improving customer experience: by making transactions more convenient with a few clicks – easier and simple.
  3. Developing new areas of business: by making things different to generate more revenue – maximizing the potential of digital

Digital Smart Banking Experience

Elements that Define the Digital Smart Banking Experience
Bank customers can now pay their taxes the smart way, on time and avoid defaults. Customers can pay all types of taxes - direct or indirect, income or service, state or central. Customers no longer need to stand in queues or fill up multiple copies of tax forms or write out cheques. They get to pay their taxes from the comfort of their homes or office through their Exim Bank Internet Banking Account.
The Power of Partnership
Techurate has partnered Zanaco for the past 4 years delivering cost-effective solutions with quick development cycle and a superior customer engagement. We would highly recommend that banks seeking to transform their digital banking suite and thereby achieve a higher ROI on their technology investment - should reach out and connect with Techurate.
With integration for UMEME electricity bill utility payments, Exim Bank customers get the best out of the bank’s online self-service. The solution brings all the tools that customers need, at their own convenience. Personalized experience being the key USP. Bank customers can pay bills, manage their accounts, get alerts, contact the online help desk, submit connection requests, report issues, calculate their tariffs, view bills and other important information.
Green Banking
Zanaco is a leading bank promoting Green Banking, as Smart Teller replaces the older paper-based system of customer transactions. Built on a microservices framework, the new technology allows Zanaco to cater to both present and future requirements, as new services can be plugged in with ease.
The Techurate Advantage
The technology behind Smart Teller is brought to Zanaco by Techurate Systems Pvt. Ltd., a swiftly growing tech firm headquartered in Bangalore, India. Techurate develops innovative banking systems and solutions, having already served 25+ Banks and Financial Institutions in over 20 countries globally.
Towards Smart Banking
Smart Teller facilitates Zanaco’s move towards Smart Banking. We are proud to be the first partner of Techurate’s omni-channel Smart Banking to bring cutting-edge technology in banking to Africa, and in doing so become a truly global bank. A total of 200 devices were installed across 60 branches of Zanaco.
With the digital banking solution provided, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has partnered with Exim Bank Uganda, as it embarks on a push to fully adopt cashless payments. Under the initiative, Techurate implemented an entirely cashless system to increase the convenience and efficiency of NSSF services through the automation and digitization exercise. The platform launched by Exim Bank makes contributing to NSSF easy and effortless. Under the new system, NSSF members can now remit their contributions and other payments to the organization without visiting the NSSF offices, resulting in increased operational efficiency.