Our Repertoire


Our Repertoire


Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Over the years since inception, Techurate products have touched millions of customers around the globe in accessing basic banking and financial services through mobile & Internet channels. We are riding the fintech revolution high and aspire to 'digitally transform' world communities towards exponentially enhanced financial inclusion delivery models.

We work passionately on this mission

Bring innovation, transformation and a truly smart banking experience to every bank in the world. Build transformative banking innovations, enable business development, grow a diverse global team, and make a positive impact in the communities that matter.

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“ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work “

Colin Powell

Techurate’s Journey begins with Oracle Partnership . Core banking services play with banks in Central Africa . This provides the much needed entry point with medium and large commercial banks in the region.


Digital banking systems were evolving and banks around the world were experiencing the first wave of Digital Transformation of processes with customer journey being the center point.


Emerges as a full suite Digital banking solutions provider with a strong focus on creating a modular , scalable , open banking Archirtecture. Solutions highly customized to the local market conditions.


Pandemic Year accelerates the Digital adoption rates for banks in the region and Techurate leverages its prime mover position to expand the customer acquisition in other parts of Africa and Middlle East.


Positions itself as a fully Integrated service provider with the most diversified Core + Digital product platform. Embarks on a hybrid model of On premise licensing route and the cloud based subscription methods of service delivery . Positioned as the prime choice for all the mid and lower tier banks, microfinance & Payments banks worldwide.

News and Blogs

We have cherry picked a few success stories to share with you. Our solutions have delivered sustained customer value and have a proven track record.

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Techurate brings remote banking services live

For the last six years, Techurate has been working with financial institutions in Africa to provide them with digital banking infrastructure. The Bengaluru-headquartered banking digital banking technology startup was founded by Harshavardhan Pusala in 2015 with a focus on the African market where it provides an array of solutions with the larger goal of enabling… Continue reading Techurate brings remote banking services live

Customers are the pivot: Fintech shaping the new-age banking

The seamless integration of financial services into a traditionally non-financial service is known as embedded banking, also known as embedded finance. Customers can, for example, use a cab to make cashless payments. Embedded Finance Infrastructure allows customer-facing digital platforms (known as “anchor platforms”) to “embed” financial services into their own systems. Businesses in the MSME,… Continue reading Customers are the pivot: Fintech shaping the new-age banking

Bank in a Box the Indian Scenario

Memories of writing a cheque, going to the bank, collecting a token and waiting for your number to be called out to get your money has long faded. Some of us may have never experienced this. You then had to take that money and shop for your daily needs. All this can now be done… Continue reading Bank in a Box the Indian Scenario

How Embedded Banking Will Change Banking

The turn of the century saw a proliferation of organizations offering a multi-cuisine menu of banking and other financial services. Large banks, consolidation of PSU banks, small banks & Fintech companies are severely competing with each other to provide best in class services to consumers across the country. These companies are offering more than just… Continue reading How Embedded Banking Will Change Banking