Everything is designed, but is it designed well? As a financial institution are you struggling with adapting to changes? Looking to scale up your operations rapidly but in a cost-efficient way?

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Smart Banking Analytics
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  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics


Address ever-evolving technology changes with automation, easy scalability and agility.

SMART CORE from Techurate provides a unified Core Banking platform solution with a consistent user experience across mobile, tab, web and branch.

Achieve this in a rationalised manner with responsive design in a fast-to-market web-based bank accounting management solution that captures accurate information, while adhering to regulatory standards and optimising operational efficiency.







  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics
  • Smart Banking Analytics


Seamless Integration with all your banking channels using high-end secure APIs.

Merge Digital and Physical Interactions to deliver a rich, customer-friendly seamless banking environment. Helps you to manage complex service processes, integrating customer flow optimization and back-office automation
  • Database Options

    Designed in such a way that the bank user can select the database they want. The solution will support all major RDBMS like Oracle and MS SQL.

  • Modular Structure

    The system is developed consisting of different modules and can be integrated into a single package resulting in ease of use and maintenance.

  • Single Window Operation

    The state-of-art design of screens ensures that once you are familiar with one module, you can operate all modules in the software.

  • Easy Parametrization

    The end user need not depend on the software vendor for new schemes which are used frequently. Parameterisation is possible even for print.



Smart Banking Analytics

Componentized Architecture

Connect your digital banking system to other fintech providers and start developing together with third-party applications.

Smart Banking Analytics

Open Banking Innovation

Enables banks to take a flexible approach to transformation, just pick what you need most.

Smart Banking Analytics

Quick Implementation

Leverage Rest APIs to bring new capabilities to market fast. Microservices and Cloud-Native are designed to offer high scalability and agile deployments.

Smart Banking Analytics


Security is embedded in the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Smart Banking Analytics

Flexible Admin Module

A single admin module for multiple applications allows the definition of new roles, groups, rights and even signature rules that ensure ease of access.

Smart Banking Analytics

DIY Customization

Our Smart Banking applications enable a bank to customize the look and feel of the screens themselves.

Smart Banking Analytics

Auto Upgrades

We provide one free auto upgrade or our applications to enhance your efficiency in a calendar year.

Smart Banking Analytics

Play Pit Environment

A play pit environment is provided for you to creatively test the product and customize it before the actual deployment.

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