The age of Virtual Banking is upon us!

We pioneered the earliest Smart Branch Deployments in Africa. It blends in compelling benefits of seamless Automation while bringing in significant reduction in Operational costs. Smart Self Serve Terminals enabling banks to serve customers faster and better.


It is an intelligent Automation system which allows customers to self onboard themselves and carry out transactions like deposits , withdrawals etc. The In-branch smart terminal fastens the Teller operations improving the banking experience .


Enables a smart token system which reduces customer wait time majorly at the Branch. What better than this to serve your esteemed customers than giving them a ZERO WAIT banking experience.


Electronic Form capture which automates all KYC documentation with no manual inputs or typing . AI and ML algorithms capture even handwritten forms , completes Onboarding in a few seamless steps, Fast and Secure with video Analytics.

Device Features

Techurate’s Smart Branch Solution streamlines and automates teller operations and provide in-branch self-service options

QR code payment platform

Digital Signature

Smart Android Payment Terminals

Optical Character Recognition Character

Bio metric enabled

Automates back office operations

Card reader EMV Supported

Ticket Management System

Ticket Management System

Quick Implementation01.

Leverage Rest APIs to bring new capabilities to market fast. Microservices and Cloud-Native are designed to offer high scalability and agile deployments.

Flexible admin module02.

A single admin module for multiple applications allows the definition of new roles, groups, rights and even signature rules that ensure ease of access.

DIY Customisation03.

Our Smart Banking applications enable a bank to customize the look and feel of the screens themselves.


04.Componentized Architecture

Connect your digital banking system to other fintech providers and start developing together with third-party applications.

05.Play Pit Environment

A play pit environment is provided for you to creatively test the product and customize it before the actual deployment.

06.Open Banking Innovation

Enables banks to take a flexible approach to transformation, just pick what you need most.

Smart Branch

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Not only the existing branch will have reduced cost of operations, but it reduces the infrastructure cost of setting up new branches and there will be rapid set up ofnew branches

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